Bankruptcy procedures

Being aware of the high degree of complexity of Bankruptcy Law, as well as the responsibilities attributed to the parties involved in each procedure, it is of a vital importance to offer a 360-degree legal counsel in all the aspects associated to this matter.

With the purpose to offer the maximum guarantees in the development of a bankruptcy filing procedure, we assist the client in all the stages of the process, procuring the optimum legal coverage in each case. Our services in bankruptcy matters include:


  • Legal assistance to companies in crisis.
  • Representation in the start of the negotiations with creditors.
  • Preparation of the voluntary bankruptcy claim file.
  • Participation in negotiation process for the advanced proposal for an accord.
  • Preparation of the liquidation plan (either ordinary or advanced).
  • Defence and representation of the reintegration actions promoted by the bankruptcy administrators or any of the creditors.
  • Intervention and legal counsel in all the incidents occurred during the bankruptcy process: over contract resolution, credit claims, administration reports.
  • Legal management of the bankrupt client in cases of guilty bankruptcy.
  • Legal assistance to the creditors of third companies filing for bankruptcy.
  • Preparation of the documentation for a necessary filing claim.
  • Coordination of reintegration operations.
  • Negotiation with the rest of the creditors and the debtor for the signature of an agreement.
  • Participation in the classification section.
  • Intervention as Bankruptcy Managers.

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