With a large experience in the legal practice, the lawyers at our firm have an outstanding sectorial expertise, and a deep business knowledge of each one of our clients, setting the consecution of their strategic goals as a priority for our firm. After more than 40 years assisting companies in different industries, our firm has reached a high degree of implication in the sectors of Food and Beverages, Banking, Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure, Energy, Retail and Tourism.

In all the industries we operate in, the restless pursuit of excellence inspires our activity, always offering a advisory services of the highest quality, in our mission to provide legal impulse to the business of our clients, and to become their strategic partners in the market.

Food & Beverages


At DJV-EA ABOGADOS, we have a varied portfolio of corporate clients from the Food sector, to whom we provide a complete legal advisory service for the development of their operations, offering a cross-sectional legal coverage which includes labour, tax and regulatory issues (international quality and labelling standards), industrial and intellectual property (inscription and registry of brands). The services we provide are:


  • Corporate legal counsel.
  • Labour Law advising.
  • Fiscal planning and tax assistance (transference prices and customs).
  • Registry of products and brands before the competent authorities.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Industrial property (local and international) for brand names and commercial images.
  • Compliance.



With a large experience assisting banking and financial entities, our team of lawyers Is highly qualified in the legal counsel for banks and other credit institutions in investment and financing operations of all kinds, maximizing the creation of value in the market. Specifically, our services for this sector include:


  • Compliance.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Litigation, defence and representation before the Courts of Justice.
  • Constitution of collective investment funds.
  • Financing operations based on assets and cash-flows.
  • Structuring and conformation of guarantees.
  • Procedural assistance in labour matters.
  • Mercantile planning and credit management.
  • Corporate counsel services.
  • Project financing.

Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure


The professionals at our firm have long expertise in legal advice to companies from this industry, which has proved to be one of the most important sectors among the different areas of specialty at DJV-EA ABOGADOS. With reference to this industry, we provide a varied portfolio of legal advisory services to promoters, construction companies and architecture firms. Such services include:


  • Urban construction licenses.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Corporate legal counselling.
  • Civil liability of architects, constructors and promoters.
  • Compliance.
  • Public contracting and forced expropriations.
  • Obligations, rights and contract relations between different agents.
  • Labour Law advisory.
  • Commercial legislation and labour risk prevention.



At DJV-EA ABOGADOS, we offer complete legal support for the administration and development of businesses in the energy sector. We count on a cross-sectional team of lawyers with high legal and technical knowledge of the field and its particularities. Our legal services include:


  • Compliance.
  • Assistance and intervention in public bids and contracts.
  • Tax planning.
  • Corporate counselling.
  • Elaboration of reports over highly complex matters
  • Legal assistance over transactions between companies operating in the Energy sector.
  • Litigation over regulatory and competition issues.
  • Contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Advisory services in the relations with the sectorial regulatory authorities.



Every day, new companies from the retailing industry rely on our legal services in the development of their operations, endorsing our expertise over the characteristics of such a complex sector. In the past years, we have provided legal advisory services to different top-line multinational companies in this industry, offering the appropriate legal solutions in each case, and always assuming the strategic goals of the company as a priority for our firm. In this field, our services include:


  • Preparation and development of e-commerce operations.
  • Compliance.
  • Acquisition and sale of assets and businesses.
  • Administrative licenses.
  • Distribution and logistics contracts.
  • Corporate Law counselling.
  • Labour Law assistance.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Company constitution.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Procedural defence and representation.



We count on a cross-sectional team composed of lawyers from different practice areas who are specialized in the tourism sector, and who are highly knowledgeable of the characteristics of this market, one of the fundamentals of Iberian-American economies. Our firm offers a wide range of legal advisory services of the highest quality to the different agents operating in this industry in the development and expansion of their activities. For that purpose, our services are carefully coordinated with all the departments of the company, always aligning our legal services with the strategic objectives of the client in the short run and in the long run. Our services include:


  • Assistance acquisition of assets.
  • Assistance over corporate matters.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Constitution of Joint Ventures for operative expansion projects.
  • Legal assistance in the execution of international projects and advisory services in the relationships of the company with supra national authorities.
  • Legal support in the acquisition of businesses in the tourism industry.
  • Procedural assistance in client-provider litigation.
  • Public subsidies.
  • Fiscal auditing.
  • Compliance.
  • Environmental assistance.
  • Labour Law advisory services.
  • Real Estate and financial investment projects.
  • Complete legal coverage in business international expansion projects.

The Firm

DJV-EA ABOGADOS is born from the merger between the firms DJV ABOGADOS and DESPACHO JURÍDICO ESTRADA-AZCONA, with over 40 years of experience in the legal practice, endorsing our prestige and consolidating our leading position as a referent in the field of Corporate Law in Spain.


C/ Velázquez 75,
28006 Madrid (España)

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