Litigation & arbitration

With a long experience in the legal practice, our experts are highly qualified in the judicial and arbitral defence of the client’s interests. At the same time, the understanding of their needs and objectives allows us to create the adequate teams for each case, paying special attention to its circumstances.

On the other hand, the cross-sectional character of this department determines the high degree of coordination maintained with other practice areas like Bankruptcy, Labour or Tax Law, complementing the procedural assistance in court with the high degree of technical knowledge in such branches in all the stages of each case.

In judicial and arbitral processes, our lawyers represent the client before all the Spanish Courts of Justice and have developed a long career in the legal defence of particular and corporate clients in different kinds of matters. Furthermore, it is important to outline that one of our Founding Partners, Mr. Eduardo Estrada Alonso, is a licensed Arbiter and intervened as so in numerous top-line national cases.



  • Assistance in contract disputes: resolution and rescission procedures.
  • Civil responsibility actions.
  • Product liability and general contracting clauses procedures.
  • Corporate legal issues: conflicts over shareholders’ agreements, voidance of General Meeting decisions, Board disputes, director liability.
  • Advisory services in Agency, Distribution, Franchise and Concession contracts.
  • Conflicts in contract matters and constructor liability.
  • Sentence and arbitral ruling execution (national and international).
  • Urban rentals and horizontal property.



  • Voidance and resolution actions in financial product contracts (swaps, preferred stocks, foreign bonds…), claims before the CNMV (Spanish Stock Exchange Commission) and the Bank of Spain, defence against abusive clauses and economic damage claims.
  • Representation and defence before the Courts of the right to honour, intimacy and self-image.



  • Marriage crisis: voidance, separation and divorce.
  • Mutually-agreed divorce.
  • Patrimonial measures claim (compensation, children maintenance pension…), personal measures claim (usage of the family household, children custody regimes).
  • Economic regime liquidation (dissolution of joint patrimony), pre-nup agreement resolution.
  • Penal Family Law.
  • Filiation
  • Assistance and representation in incapacity judicial declaration procedures.



  • Determination and integration of the inheritance patrimony.
  • Voidance of testamentary dispositions.
  • Inheritance claims.



  • Representation and intervention in all the stages of the arbitral procedure, from the initial claim to the ruling execution.
  • Arbiter designation claim in cases of disagreement between the parties.
  • Judicial formalisation of the arbitration process.
  • Arbiter ruling voidance claims.
  • Arbitral decision execution.
  • Recognition and execution of foreign arbiter decisions.



  • Previous assessment of credit rating of the debtor
  • Due diligence and economic and legal viability analysis for the defaulted credit claim.
  • Extrajudicial negotiation through standardized mechanisms to minimize bureaucratic and administrative work for the client.
  • Optimisation of the judicial procedure in each case, according to the Spanish Civil legislation.
  • Real Estate guarantees.

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DJV-EA ABOGADOS is born from the merger between the firms DJV ABOGADOS and DESPACHO JURÍDICO ESTRADA-AZCONA, with over 40 years of experience in the legal practice, endorsing our prestige and consolidating our leading position as a referent in the field of Corporate Law in Spain.


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